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Studio Digital Studio using Cubase Pro 12 through a beautiful 48-channel analogue desk. This is a unique offering!

...Lots of other kit.

Mobile Recording Professional recording equipment to you. We can record your event and then master the recording back in the studio.

Nursery Star! A full production of your little star singing. Check out the services page




Multi-function recording services that fulfil the requirements of your business, your hobby or your talented family members. Book a session or gift a unique experience to friends and family.

From voice over and audio/video production through to mobile recording, re-mastering, song writing or just capturing talent. 

Should you have any questions or wish to sound me out over a project then feel free to call. Click the contact page for my details.

Our Services

  • Recording Studio
  • Mobile Recording
  • Voice Over
  • Original Song/Music Writing Service
  • Session Pianist/Keyboard
  • Check out our recent work in Products

...More Services

  • Radio Adverts
  • Audio Transcription (Document Recording)
  • Integrated Audio overlay to Video Production
  • Podcast Production
  • Brand Idents