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Christmas Dreams

Christmas Dreams: This song was written by MyProductions & Hayley Hammond (Presenter on BFBS Forces Radio) as a charity song to give thought to those people serving overseas on Christmas day. The video was produced by MY10Productions



Corporate Video + Website

For AirLife Service: MyProductions produced a branding ident for AirLife (below) followed by a promotional video using an original script from literature supplied by the company and then pieced together the video presentation (below/below), including voice over and original music.



Record your child in the studio:

This product works for any age and for any confidence level. A lot of work can be done in the production in order to secure the best quality recording and correct errors and pitching.


Record your child at home:

This package replicates the studio package but requires you to record your child using a mobile phone, computer or video camera and then email the recording to me to produce in the studio in exactly the same way. As long as the quality is good then the recording will be amazing!


Charity Appeal Film - Beds Garden Carers:

Scripted, produced and 'post-it note' animation idea all conceived by MyProducitons. The two songs were also re-mixed and segued with an additional section of music in order to transition the change key.