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Music For Schools


To write, produce and record a song with children on a theme + produce a small video documentary to run alongside outlining the song writing process and provide a music-video feel.


The physical output would be a full production CD written by the Children with on-body printing (artwork by the children). An additional DVD produced in the style of a pop video with vox-pops by the children over an extended version of the song as a bed, with sections of the song sync’d with the children singing. DVD to also include reportage styled photos over the music.

Further output would be the sustainability of the project in terms of the inspiration of the children; building future song writers, poets, singers and artists. Children with a full understanding of the song writing and production process from conception to completion will have a heightened knowledge of the workload involved in creating overnight success.

The project has an 8 week turnaround which means that it is possible to complete 6 schools or groups over 1 term, meaning that 24 schools/groups can take advantage of this service over 1 academic year.


8 weeks to include 6 x 2 hour sessions with the children. The group numbers can be scaled from 1 to 6 over the same 8 week period to involve additional groups or schools.


This project would be best placed in a school(s) utilising a single class of c.30 children. The project can be sized-up to involve multiple groups (max = 6 x c.30 children) with each stage being replicated individually to each group. The ideal age group would be 7 to 13 year olds that include a broad range of skills (art, music, poetry, singing). The group will be required to interact well, working in smaller sub-groups and the process is designed to ensure that everyone contributes in some way, giving ownership to the project.

In the event that a specific group was unable to provide a satisfactory contribution to ensure the construction of a song, I would be in a position to contribute more in order to meet project deadlines.


Liaise with Head Teacher(s) in order to clarify education requirements as well as process and deadlines.

Meet with process owner (class teacher) to discuss subject, process and output

Seek parental consent for recording (audio) and filming (visual) the children.

 further scope  

Approach local media (radio and press) providing positive publicity for the school and reassurance of investment in education to parents. stop: CHRISTMAS#1!


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